As much as we would like to see ourselves prim and proper and absolutely stunning all the time, we would want to groom our babies the same way too. Just like we humans have various dog hairstyles to ‘keep it stylish’, our even more pampered canines need more care and grooming in order to keep that naughty tail wagging all the time. Grooming is not just important for pets to be neat and clean but also to get them used to the feeling of being touched and handled in a pleasant way.

With the emergence of dog shows, the trend of people going for classy hairstyles for their pets has also seen serious uptake. “September to March” is the Dog Show season. At this time we see some serious owners and breeders who get proper show cuts which are permitted in the ring whereas April toAugust the show dog owners do not expose their dogs to uncertain climates..” says Vizal Atheya Owner of Petspot – Grooming and Spa for dogs, Dog Hairstyles.

If you too like to see your loving canine in such fancy cuts, here are the haircuts that you can try out:

The Lion Cut:

Just as the name suggests, this cut makes your pet look like a Lion. In this cut, the entire body is trimmed short while the long fur on the neck and face is left giving it a lion look. This type of look is most suitable for the dogs that have a heavy fur. The best breeds suitable for this type of cut is a Poodle, Lhasa Apso or a Tibetan Mastiff.

Saddle Cut:

This cut is worn by Poodles and can also be worn by breeds that have thick curly hair. The tail and the legs have a fur like gathering of pom-pom and the rest of the body hair is trimmed short.

Certain dog hairstyles, one can try day to day life, that is to trim them down because of the scorching heat, or just for a routine healthy makeover.

“Summer months have become another time period where concerned dog owners come in for short haircuts to avoid skin issues and the recent years have certainly seen an upsurge in dog owners who visit pet parlours and spas like Pet-spot instead of just getting their dog trimmed and clipped from the vet’s assistant.” Mrs. Atheya added when asked about routine haircuts.

The Puppy Cut:

In this dog hairstyle, all the hair is to be cut down to one to two inches all over the body.This cut usually is helpful during the excess heat or temperature and gives a flow of air to the pet. It is usually low maintenance and is good for young dogs where they can play and get themselves messy. This haircut is easy to keep for all the breed specially the ones with long, heavy coats.

Top Knot:

This is not exactly a haircut but a strategy where you place the hair in such a way that it falls perfectly on both the ends. It also could be tying the hair in a fountain ponytail for it to look neat and settled. This type of style gives a clean look and with the combing of hair. This type of style is best suited on Yorkshire Terriers a, Shih Tzu or a Lhasa Apso.

Top Knot Hairstyle
There can be variety of other dog hairstyles that one can try or create for their pets. If you have made a different kind of hairstyle for your pet then you can share your picture with uson Wag Club.