Dogs are man’s best friend and the kind of love they give to humans, no one else can! Every dog owner across the world will agree with the fact dogs are the best pet that anyone can have. They are loyal, intelligent, lively, affectionate, and is the best companion to bring home. Whether you scold them or forget to pour water in their bowl; they will love shower unconditional love in any condition.  There are many dog breeds in India to choose from. Each of them has its special requirements and maintenance needs.


Top 6 dog breeds for home pet in India which can be the perfect addition to the list of family members.

Indian Pariah

This is the most popular dog breeds in India and can be easily found on the streets. They are often taken for granted but this ancient dog breed is profoundly intelligent and they can be trained easily. Indian Pariah breed dogs are very social and alert. The pups of this breed need great mingling with humans and the best part is, they are child-friendly. This breed of dog is naturally evolved which is the reason behind their good health. They have minimum health concerns and can survive with low maintenance in a suitable climate. Indian Pariah dogs are comparatively clean from other breeds and their fur coat needs little grooming. Why shop when you can easily adopt them from NGOs and rescue centers working for the betterment of dogs.

Labrador Retriever

It is another very famous dog breed recommended by pet owners in India.  Labrador retrievers are not only famous in India but are the most popular dog breed across the world. Labrador is one of the breeds which is very easy to train, human-friendly, intelligent, and compassionate dogs. Labradors can deal with the Indian atmosphere well, yet they may face health issues in extremely hot conditions. Labradors have double coat skin, where the lower coat is shiny and soft, and the upper coat is hard and water-repellent. They need proper care and grooming during the shedding season, as they shed a lot. Labradors love eating and are prone to gain excess weight. They are highly active dogs and require a lot of exercise to keep their weight in check. One thing any human has to keep in mind is that this dog breed is not an alone creature and needs someone to be with them all day long, cannot be left alone at home, and will follow you around all day. Wherever you go, I will follow is their motto and  best home pet in India


Pugs are one of the favorites and popular dog breeds in India to own. We remember them as a Vodafone dog. It is the dog with distinctive features such as big, popped-out shiny eyes, wrinkled face, curly tail, and short muzzle. This block and the sturdy dog is a natural cuddler and is fun-loving, charming, playful, and sometimes stubborn. During shed season, pugs don’t shed much, which makes them easy to maintain the dog. Neither they do not need bathing every day or weekly unless played in the dirt, nor do they have hair fall issues. Pugs make a great choice for the small home family dog. Best home pet in India. They are adaptive and can stay in any environment. One thing needs to check is their diet remains in check as they are highly prone to obesity.

Golden Retriever

Golden Retrievers is a popular dog breed in India as pets for their loving, loyal nature and charming personality. They are intelligent and can be easily trained, and can exceed expectations in rivalries. Pierce brown eyes, friendly face, naughty looks; in every beauty aspect, they win the stage. They are the ones who can make everyone around them to look all starry eyed at them with a super-friendly nature. Large in size, golden retrievers are normally quiet, calm, human-friendly, and can be easily trained. Their fun-loving, energetic, radiant, and lively traits of this breed dogs make them the most loved animal-companion among children and grown-ups. Their coat can be straight or wavy, is water-resistant and need regular grooming. From other dog breeds, it is a bit high-maintenance dog. Their coat needs to be brushed daily, especially during shedding season.

Indian Spitz

India Spitz is another popular god breeds in India which you can bring home. They are one of the most attractive Indian dog breeds. Indian Spitz dog needs a little bit of pampering and care, and they are ready to be your ideal pet. Often confused with Pomeranians, but they are completely different from each other. This breed dogs are highly active and considered one of the intelligent ones. Indian Spitz is an ideal dog that is neither too small nor too big. They are like German Spitz but are 1.5-2.5 inches shorter than them and less in weight. Indian Spitz is friendly, not only with humans, but with other dog breeds too, and are incredibly faithful towards their owners. Best home pet in India. This dog breed is an excellent watchdog and welcomes the outsiders with a piercing bark. Adaptable and flexible, they can live in any environment and living conditions. The only grooming you would need to do is to remove dead hair.


If you need a bundle of energy, bring Dachshund home. They are famous for their alert nature and expression. They come in two sizes- miniature and standard, where miniature is the smaller. Dachshund is a perfect companion for those in a small apartment. Don’t go on their size, as even they are tiny, but their loud bark can scare the guest in your house. They have a longer lifespan of 15 years, which makes them the longest living dog breed. Having a small digestive tract and high energy, their diet needs to be full of nutrition. The best thing about this popular dog breed in India is that they can easily adapt to the Indian climate and can be kept in any place.

These were a few popular dog breeds in India which you can bring home. But, no matter what which pooch you bring home, they need special care, needs to be fulfilled, and taken good care of to have a healthy life. Make sure to keep in touch with the vet for regular check-ups to keep your pooch healthy.